By writing his "Untold Stories" Zlatan Ibrahimović wants to share his life experience. Zlatan is also a passionate art patron and by joining this project he plays an active role in the creation of the first NFT collection taken from a book, thus adding a prestigious artistic touch to better depict his walk of life. Zlatan's personal story speaks about love, happiness and the future and is therefore a story that speaks to everyone and belongs to everyone. The artistis through their different styles and backgrounds have created heterogeneous and varied artworks, representing the different facets of the human dimension of an indomitable and mocking champion.
This first drop includes the artworks of well established names in sphere of crypto art such as the acclaimed Hexeract and the singer GionnyScandal to than move to the street art poet Ivan Tresoldi and the video animation digital oil of M.Arm, a name which hides the partnership between Paolo Manazza (neo-informal painter, journalist and co-promoter of the project) and a friend who is a native digital artist.