I’m Paul Kwon, some of you may know me as Zeronis, to tell a bit about my self, I am currently a freelance concept and illustration artist working in the game industry. Growing up, I’ve always loved to draw. I was also an avid gamer so for a long time I dreamed of becoming an artist in the game industry. When I discovered digital art, I knew immediately that this is what I wanted to do and quickly pursued a career in it for games.

Now, I feel lucky enough to have worked in the game industry for more than 12 years and I still love it. Before that, I didn’t have any traditional art training and sorta taught myself how to draw by being a gamer immersed in the world. For starters, when I was a teen, I was obsessed with playing Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Starcraft, so obsessed that I started making an embarrassing amount of fan art of all the characters and creatures you could think of. Making the faces, the clothing and armor are what made me love to draw and bring iconic characters to life.

Later on in college, I had the dream opportunity to intern for Blizzard Entertainment while studying at Art Center. At the end of my sophomore year, I was offered to join Riot Games where I worked for almost 10 years. There, I got to design some of the iconic characters like Ahri, Vi, and Zyra, to designing characters for skins such as Elementalist Lux, Star Guardian, and K/DA for the game League of Legends. It was definitely the highlight of my career and a dream for me but most importantly, I got to learn a lot about the craft, collaboration, industry, and hone the sensibility for creating appealing and iconic characters.

Unfortunately during my career, I damaged my hands due to Repetitive Stress Injury, which limited me from using the pen on tablets so you will notice that I do all of my art with my finger and without the touch screen sensitivity. But don't worry, this didn't stop me from pursuing to hone my craft until I cannot physically anymore!

I feel lucky to do what I love for a living and am excited to share my creations with the collector and the community!