Exploring altered states of consciousness through queerness and post-humanism.
Nonbinary Maximalist.

Zak Krevitt (b. 1991, Los Angeles) is a longtime advocate for LGBTQ+ communities. For over a decade, they has been working with, marching for, and fundraising alongside their queer community for a variety of related causes. Their work lives within this passion for queer advocacy, and represents their lived experiences both public and private. The work also deals heavily in concepts of transformation, post-humanism, power-exchange, anthropology, and the ability to create authenticity through photographic crystallization of reified desire. Krevitt is a Professor at the School of Visual Arts Department of Photo and Video in NYC under the guidance of Joseph Maida.

Zak's work has previously been displayed in the Haus der Kunst in Germany, the Finnish Photography Museum, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and various NYC based galleries. Select photography include The New York Times, Vogue, VICE, W magazine and The New Yorker.