Yura Miron is a visionary artist, musician, psychonaut exploring the inner and outer universes using the new media art technologies, such as: cryptoart, virtual reality, generative adversarial networks and audio/visual synthesis.

Inspired by his visionary psychedelics experiences; spiritual practices, such as: lucid dreaming, yoga, meditation and by being constantly aware of his own presence.

Working with such themes as: fusion of nature and technology, solarpunk, eco-speculation, science fiction, quantum and astro physics, micro and molecular biology, spiritual texts of dzogchen, trip reports by psychonauts.

Spinned 28 times around the sun.

Exhibitions/Projects in 2019:

International Digital Art Festival - Manchester, Great Britain
Rareaf2 - New York, USA
Xero - Charity Project For The Water Project - Curated By XCOPY
Burning Man Precompression - Video Installation - Kyiv, Ukraine

Official music videos for Subself Records:

Subforms - Blowback
Moonbearmatic - Sunshine
Juho Kahilainen - Exhausted
Echologist - Reward (Spigl Remix)

Exhibited/performed his works in The Museum of Communication in Bern (Switzerland); Fantoche - GIF is for Geeks – Baden, Switzerland; New Digital Art Biennale - The Wrong, NextSound Festival – live visuals for Legowelt, Sensimo Festival – live visuals for Strukturator, GogolFest – Kyiv, Ukraine; GIFs go Wild – London, UK; Savannah GIF fest – GA, U.S.A.; The Lucky Jotter – Blackpool, UK; Sensimo Festival – live visuals; The File Arts – Totem – Utrecht, The Netherlands. Did commissioned works for Moonbabies – animated music video; Yana Soule – Plan – commissioned animation for music video; Giphy - GIF; Bonnaroo festival – GIFs; John Lewis TV Gallery – video loops - London, UK; Razorfish – GIFs for Uniqlo – received Webby Award 2012. Animation festivals: ANNY: Animation Nights New York; 30 Girona Film Festival GIFF; Grand IndieWise Convention; International Open Film Festival (IOFF); Goldensun Short Film Festival.

Live performances:


DEC8 Antrakt (Сorridor Audio meets Module Live) Odessa, Ukraine
NOV18 Openning of Samskara: V4w.enko, Synxron, Dubteklab. Samskara, Kyiv, Ukraine
NOV3 Rhythm Büro: Season Closing - Laser Performance, Kyiv, Ukraine
OCT20 Modul’ 8 (2 years). Carbon, Kyiv
SEP8 Rhythm Büro - Field Records: Future History. VJing, Kyiv, Ukraine
AUG25 Brave! Factory Festival 2018 - VJing
JUL29 27/7. AkT, Kyiv, Ukraine
JUN29 Rhythm Büro: Natura | secret forest location - Laser Performance, Kyiv, Ukraine
JUN18 Lumine:Sense: Synxron/Maria Pyatkova/VJ Yarkus. Carbon Kyiv, Ukraine
JUN14 Exposure. Opening of season. AkT, Kyiv, Ukraine
MAY24 Audiovisual live performance "Sonification" live | Kyiv Art Week. Art Ukraine Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
MAY10 Audiovisual project by Anna Mironova «Behind the Stream». Art Ukraine Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
APR26 Synxron: Audiovisual live performance. Art Ukraine Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
FEB2 Modul’ 6. Plivka Kyiv, Ukraine


OCT7 L'tronica Festival. WI-MA, Lodz, Poland
OCT6 Modul’⁴. Plivka Kyiv, Ukraine
SEP7 FetisX0. AkT, Kyiv, Ukraine
MAY5 Modul’³ Plivka, Kyiv, Ukraine
APR20 Hamselyt festival '17. Ternopil, Ukraine
APR2 Keller: Marmalade 2. Keller Events, Kyiv, Ukraine
MAR24 Hygge. RAW, Kyiv, Ukraine
MAR3 Modul’². Plivka, Kyiv, Ukraine
FEB23 Keller: Marmalade 1. Keller Events, Kyiv, Ukraine
JAN27 Module Live showcase. Module, Dnepr, Ukraine