My professions are Goldsmith, Web Designer and 3D CAD Designer. I work with the following mediums: Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Charcoal, Photography and digital production/manipulation with Photoshop.

My new toy for creativity is virtual reality with Oculus Rift, along with Medium / Tiltbrush and Gravity Sketch.

Digital art is a way to manifest my inner visions and my fantasies. I use a variety of software
and combine the results until I have the picture I want. Much of my art is created using ArtRage and Flame Painter.

Sometimes my work is created organically and sometimes with purpose, using Flame Painter and ArtRage .
I also take sculptures from 3D, model with ZBrush, and integrate them into the pictures.
I often doodle and switch between Photoshop, Black Ink, FlamePainter and other software.

My usual motifs include females and nature, but I also like creating abstract and fractal art.

I enjoy making silver and gold jewelry; carving ebony, wood and stones; and, I love gardening. :-)

Winner Contest 2018 Escape Motion - Flame Painter
Winner Contest 2014 Escape Motion - Flame Painter