Yiying Lu

🧧🐯🧧 2022 The Year of Tiger

From the Twitter Whale to Dumpling & Boba Emojis, Disney Shanghai Mickey Mouse to Conan O'Brien Pale Whale, Yiying Lu creates iconic designs & brands which transcend the linguistic barriers, unite people and enchant audiences around the world. She is also a sought-after bilingual speaker in both English and Chinese, on topics of cross-cultural design, creativity, and innovation at global conferences such as SXSW, TEDx, Adobe MAX, Web Summit and so on.

Yiying Lu is an award-winning artist, entrepreneur, educator, and bilingual speaker. She was named a "Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business", Microsoft's "Top 10 Emerging Leader in Innovation", and a "Shorty Awards" winner in Design. She has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fast Company, The Atlantic, NBC News, TIME, Wired Magazine, The Verge, CNN, and BBC. She has created iconic art and campaigns for brands from Disney to Microsoft, and built brands for hundreds of companies during her time as a creative director at 500 Startups, and first global creative collaborator at IDEO Shanghai.

She was born and raised in Shanghai China, educated in Sydney Australia & London UK, is currently based in San Francisco. Leveraging her cross-cultural background and experience, she strives to be a bridge between the East & the West. Her life purpose is unifying the dualities between Art & Tech, Business & Culture, Beauty & Meaning, Work & Life. Learn More



2022, the Year of Tiger, has arrived!

The Tiger stands for strength, fearlessness, confidence and protection. In many cultures and religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, tigers are vehicles of various deities.

The Tiger is also associated with Yang energy, so expect enthusiasm as we navigate our way through big life changes and adventures.

The Chinese Zodiac also cycles through the 5 elemental types making 2022 the year of the Water Tiger πŸ’§πŸ…. Water brings out our emotions, so it's best to open ourselves up and remain fluid as we experience various highs and lows throughout the year. ​

The numbers 1, 3​ &​ 7​ are considered lucky numbers of the year​​. Also, the color blue πŸ”΅ and green​ 🟒 are said to bring some additional luck this year.

Tigers stand for strength, power, courage, and ambition. The animal represents a symbolic release of fears and standing for truth, justice, and integrity.

I wish you a ROARsome Year of Tiger.


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