Mrs Michelle and President Barack Obama White House- Anna Wilding x Marc Craig

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This unique collaboration of Anna Wilding and Marc Craig , a unique 1/1 rare artwork, of former First Lady Mrs Michelle Obama and husband President Barack Obama was originally based on a known and compelling photograph by Anna Wilding taken on the Front Lawn of the White House in 2016. … (read more)

This unique collaboration of Anna Wilding and Marc Craig , a unique 1/1 rare artwork, of former First Lady Mrs Michelle Obama and husband President Barack Obama was originally based on a known and compelling photograph by Anna Wilding taken on the Front Lawn of the White House in 2016. Notice the couple walking in unison. It marks the solemnity authenticity and the sincerity of the Obama White House and the many trials and tribulations the couple endured and witnessed in service to their country. It also marks the strength of unity at the time underlying their long marriage .

In addition look at the incredible arms of Mrs Obama - Mrs Obama received a lot of flak on social media and news sites for daring to expose her arms as First Lady. It was pure racism..heaven forbid a black woman strong, educated, uncompromising and attractive to boot shows a glimmer of her arms!

This photograph exemplifies the solemnity of which President Obama took the oath of office and held diligently in his merit in service to the Country.

Anna Wilding witnessed that President Obama understood and knew clearly and worked every day in service to the American people.

The Celebrate Hope exhibit explores Mrs Michelle and President Barack Obama's stunning and dynamic energy as they inhabited the White House

Not only was Anna Wilding witness to the Obama's stunning work in the White House but Anna also, through her candid, iconic and well thought out portraiture, helped shape the narrative that helped the Obama's forge their legacy .

The photograph of Anna Wilding and the doodles of British street artist Marc Craig entice the viewer to zoom in closely to the artwork to see the incredible and detailed artistry it presents and thereby give us additional moment to pause and reflect on the Obama's life.

Anna Wilding's exhibit Celebrate Hope brings viewers inside the walls of the White House and to the hearts of the Obama's , in the most intimate of ways with guests to her exhibit often remarking that it is like being there. Thousands have been to the exhibit and laughed and cried.

Marc Craig is a highly sought-after British street artist who has gained considerable recognition in the UK over the last couple of years with his signature doodle style. He has painted murals at a range of esteemed venues, including Tate Britain, the Royal College of Art, UBS and the Banksy Tunnel in Leake Street. In the last 10 years Marc’s portfolio of clients has included Guinness, Nescafé and Wahaca (200ft mural ). Marx is currently working on creating a metaverse platform and runs his own online gallery called Chopper Chunky supporting NFT artists with free monthly exhibitions.

Marc studied Contemporary Visual Arts at University College, Falmouth. Recently, Marc was interviewed by BBC Spotlight for the 160ft community mural he completed in Falmouth. He runs a creative collaborative platform which works with charities, schools and health groups.

Anna Wilding is a leading solo exhibiting photo doc, fine art, and street photographer and artist, a former White House news and photo doc photographer, and award winning, film and music video producer director and actor. Anna Wilding's photography and artwork hangs in private & institutional collections.

Celebrate Hope the Obama Collection played in multiple art galleries to thousands of visitors. Even theJimmy Kimmel Show bought one of Anna Wilding's Obama photographs-in this case Michelle Obama.

"Anna's Obama images make me think. I call it "Obama Classicism" after the great masters Raphael & Leonardo Da Vinci " Woody Omens A.S.C

Anna Wilding's body of work in films and photography has been cited in media as '"classic, iconic, impressive, enlightening, beautiful, stunning, engaging, and inspiring"

Ms Wilding's unique work combines classicism , pop culture, fine art and street , photo doc photography, is expansive and bridges ages and cultures Ms Wilding. Much of her work has dealt with issues of racism and deals with impact issues in pioneering and and fresh way.

Anna is often at the forefront of art, tech and science including being part of the team that first bought virtual reality to the world years ago in a music video for New York artist Stanley Jordan which led to the tech being used in hospital and military use and film the Lawnmower Man and so on to Occulus in the present day. Ms Wilding was an exec in production companies and also worked as part of the producing teams on music videos for Rolling Stones, and tour backdrops, UB40 and more. Anna Wilding started in photography as a teenager and already had professional clients and had set up her own studio through her own income by the age of 19. She grew up printing in old school dark rooms . At one point Ms Wilding even painted Mickey Mouse cells for Walt Disney.

Anna has worked with clients from Coca Cola, Nabrisco, Watties, WEA, Warner Bros, VH1, MTV , British Lottery. Her work covered is in consumer and trade press including art magazines including L'Oeil de la Photographie and more.

Celebrate Hope exhibit: "Celebrating the stunning photography of the Obama White House by acclaimed filmmaker and photographer Anna Wilding. She absolutely captured the energy of the an era of class, dignity ,hope and glory.A must see exhibit " Geri Jewell -(Deadwood/FactsofLife)

"The President Obama Celebrate Hope exhibit is a salute to the human spirit, an inspiration to be the best that you can be." - Anson Williams (Happy Days and Founder)

Marc Craig and Anna Wilding are happy to bring you this unique artwork

Additional Details:
  • 8000 x 8000 px, JPEG (30.4 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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