Alessandra Nardi, in art Xandra , was born in Pisa and studied in Florence, after living in the Tuscan countryside she is ready to travel around Europe, traveling is very useful to open your mind and find new inspirations. For years she devoted herself to traditional portraiture and then moved on to digital where she found a more functional way but remaining very fond of oil, watercolor and sculpture.
With her "Faces" she tried to convey a river full of emotions, she found different people who have that detail that made her crazy and she said "I have to paint it!" and at the same time he created many self-portraits to highlight what he had inside. Creating a portrait is an intimate experience but it is no longer enough. It must contextualize the emotion, so it is struggling with spots of color to create environments that convey a sensation as if it were a face.
She is currently experimenting with environments as a way of expressing feelings. For her, art is an important means of expressing herself and understanding, the most important way of being able to say things that with her voice she cannot.

She has exhibited her works in Rome, Pisa, Turin and Cosenza and currently works as an illustrator, cover artist and concept artist but his dream is to create art to bring people closer to important issues and to contribute in some way to make our world a better place