In March of 2021, I learned I had some form of dissociative identity disorder, but my stubborn self still couldn't or wouldn't believe it.

I was convinced my new therapist was wrong, I just had depression, and was lazy.

So I told myself that if I really did have other parts to prove it, show itself. I told it to do something only I/we would know. I needed proof.

A few days later, I was coloring with my son and I turned the page over when I finished and just started drawing lines.

Drawing lines quickly turned into me drawing a face, which suddenly led to me quickly remembering how I used to draw this face ALL THE TIME when I was a teenager.

That that wasn’t all I remembered, though.

➡️ I remembered how I used to make cool analog collages.
➡️ I remembered I could draw and started drawing again, getting better at it, quickly.
➡️ I realized I had grown my design skills since I turned my passion into a career.

So I decided to apply what I learned 👩‍🎓 + my ❤️ of collages and digital art into making 🖼 again.