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Love this piece which is inspired by an old Sowjet propaganda poster. USE BITCOIN... 2020... what will happen the next years??? — tale care wherever you are. Your Primal Cypher

Additional Details:
  • 778 x 1100 px, GIF (2.6 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
    What does this mean?


i rly don't wanna use BTC though, I believe in the coming years we will gradually shift our paradigm to the new offensive standard. a system where the thinner your skin the more praise you get, some kinda weird 1% fantasy--you know the kind, like black garb, silly hats and masks, got some kind of authoritarian complex. TLDR if you can't make the straight away into a round about do you really reserve the right to pilot a vehicle ?


i can dig it, appreciate the well-thought response, thanks Primal


Hey Kristoffer, I am not 100% sure, what to do with this comment or what you really mean, but in the end, it was one of the first pieces I made, when I switched from oil painting to digital art a couple of months ago. I was exploring and tried new things out with my Ipad pro. This piece is one of my very first ones and the dedication it gives to BTC is because of the fact, that it was the very first currency and the spark that ignites a new fire... the blockchain movement and industry. It is still #1 and yes it does not provide the tools ETH does provide, but we cannot forget the fact, that it is the most recognized crypto out there. The average person maybe never heard of Ethereum, but Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is still a myth and the Guy Fawkes mask still represents something important, when it comes to topics like privacy, rebellion and the desire to make a change in certain areas of our everyday life.... In the end this is a pure cryptoart piece with a massive propaganda component... and that was the intention when I created it. Nothing profound... not like RIOT DAYS or the upcoming 2084 series, but still one of the early pieces I like. (an exception, because normally I don't like the firsties that much)... don't take it too seriously. It is what it is. All the best out there.