Will Kim is a curious observer and artist who makes moving illustrations inspired by everyday life, using watercolor animation. Will makes personal films, gifs, and animation for commercials, documentaries, and films. Will works and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Kim’s work has showed in various film/animation festivals and auditoriums including Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater, Regal Cinemas, Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Theater, The Getty Center, and Centre Pompidou Web Series. Some of Will’s works have been aired on TV throughout the world including SBS (South Korea’s National Television Network), Japanese National Television Networks, TBS (American Subscription Television Network).

As an animation supervisor and a lead animator, Will has participated in various feature and short live action films that were selected for the New York Times' Critic's Pick, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Los Angeles Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Cannes. Also, Will has animated and illustrated for companies like 'Hallmark,' 'Ito-En' & 'Adidas.'