Elements of Self

3D artist William Willoughby III's surreal futurism balances grave visions of the future with playful irreverence. His neon-colored landscapes juxtapose with classical imagery to amplify our collective memory and yearning for an idealized future. We will die, but our creations may last long enough to be relics of an ancient civilization.

An influential force in 3D art, WilliamTheThird uses Cinema 4D and Substance Designer to create his unmistakable blend of surrealism, futurism, and digital landscapes. He is the founder of William Willoughby Design Co as well as C4DCenter.com, an online resource offering free design materials.

WilliamTheThird currently sells his NFT work exclusively on Makersplace, with sales ranging as high as several thousand dollars. He continues his art practice today from his home in South Florida. Learn More



Elements of Self is a collection of vibrant, high-octane, creepy, and beautifully rendered skulls by the great WilliamTheThird, ushering this Halloween season into the Metaverse. This four piece collection brings to life universal struggles of the self. Each piece is an individual element that reflects what most of us go through in the journey we call life.

Using captivating and vibrant color palettes that instantly pull you in, WilliamTheThird aims to hypnotize with the minute details of each realized dream.

Auction Winner Bonuses

Auction winners will receive a 2K Tiff File that is ready for print and a 1080 Video File to showcase on any digital screen.


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