3D Artist from South Florida.

Started out drawing at a very young age(4-5ish) then eventually moved with the times into Photoshop. For many years I did photo manipulation and standard corporate graphics. Fast forward to 2018 when I really dove into the 3D world. Cinema 4D & Substance Designer are my go-to software when creating anything for 3D. I developed hundreds of free PBR materials/textures for the community and released them on c4dcenter.com for free under CC0 License.

Eventually, I discovered crypto art through a friend(Godfrey Meyer III) and have been hooked ever since.

I love to do surrealism and weird stuff. Sometimes dark sometimes bright depends on the mood at the moment when I'm creating.

I believe that the human species is the universe in physical form exploring/experiencing every story from every perspective possible and that Earth is a filter for positive and negative energy. We are energy, energy cannot be destroyed but only transferred.