Frank Wilder, known in some circles as the Banksy of the Blockchain, is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in 3D sculpture. The ancient meets Future Technique through Wilder’s work presents an interplay between the past and the present, the sacred and the innovative. Wilder has an extensive background working in the world of not only digital art, but also physical art - creating highly sought after sculptures, Totems, and a series of precious objects that touch different themes, such as Spirit, Animals, Mythology and Nature. Since entering the cryptoart space in 2017, Wilder has presented a number of sell-out collections that explore principles of the Cyber Renaissance and its relationship to the eternal.

Wilder World is an immersive 3D Universe powered entirely by NFTs led by Frank and the Wilder Guild. Wilder World enables multi-leveled, photorealistic and mixed reality worlds where Wilders roam freely, acquire virtual land and express themselves through unique avatars, decorative assets and fashionable accessories.

Metaphoenix is an international artist collective building a 50 foot-long, 19 foot-high, fire-shooting steel phoenix sculpture car called The Metaphoenix. A mobile platform for sound and creativity. Their previous work includes a 30 foot-long steel dragon called Heavy Meta, and a giant steel swan called The Prodigal swan. Their previous works have been featured in Discovery, Vogue, VICE, MotorTrend, The Daily Mail, and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few. Learn More



Rising from the ashes of a global pandemic, the Metaphoenix emerges and sets course for Black Rock City, Nevada 2022. Before the 50ft fiery metal beast can reach its ultimate destination in the dust, it must transcend time and space, meet up with Frank and the Wilders in the Metaverse and continue its voyage, collecting artists, dreamers and co-conspirators along the way. It’s only by metamorphosing into Wilder World’s 3D universe powered entirely by NFTs, that the Metaphoenix art car may return to the earthly realm, fully funded and continue its journey toward the Playa. This project includes artistic contributions from Kevin Bracken, Marie Poliak, Chris Bowman, Travis Johnson, and Phoenix Wilder. Proceeds from this drop will go to the creation of the real Metaphoenix which will make its debut at Burning man in 2022.

Open Limited Editions

Open for 24 hours only, starting at 3:30pm PT 6/1

** 15 min countdown will begin if 25 editions or more are purchased **


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