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Who let it loose? Upon the world, a great confusion. An invisible beast in a cage, unlocked. Born out of covetous psyche: a creature of madness, a monster in a veil.

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  • 750 x 1000 px, GIF (38.0 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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Purchased for Ξ1.50000 ($194.90) 24 days ago
Placed an offer for Ξ1.50000 ($258.52) 26 days ago

Daniel Ignacio's Recent Collectors

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The Modern Mix 1 of 1 Ξ0.15 ($21.51)
Easy, Wild Strangers 1 of 1 Ξ0.15 ($20.91)
Planet On Hold 1 of 1 Ξ1.2 ($167.28)
Planet On Hold (Decentraland Edition) 1 of 1 Undisclosed
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