Wannerstedt is a Swedish designer and motion artist who is widely regarded as the creator of the “Oddly Satisfying” 3D loop genre that has taken the internet by storm. His perfectly synchronized animations have a mesmerizing, meditative effect which brings a sense of relief and satisfaction to fans across the world, namely through his Instagram which is wildly popular with 615K followers and counting…

Wannerstedt’s artwork has been viewed by millions of people around the work, and been highlighted on Behance Network, Designboom, Stash Magazine, Fubiz, Vice, Vimeo Staff-Pick, 9gag, UNILAD, VT, Huffington Post, Business Insider, LAD Bible, FWA, Designcollector, and Mindsparkle Mag, among others. Learn More



‘Caught in the Loop’ is a series of different surrealistic scenes, inspired by human nature and behaviours, where things keep repeating themselves over and over again.It’s a glance into moments of controlled madness and perfect synchronisation, in a whimsical yet sophisticated way.

"This series is based on my signature style, with smooth, meditative motion patterns and repetitive animations, but it’s a bit more abstract compared to my previous drops on MakersPlace. I want to show my audience here that my artworks are not just digital 3D sculptures, sometimes it’s more about the interaction between different shapes and objects. Perfect timings and synchronised movements plays an important role in these artworks, somewhat influenced by visual ASMR, but also the use of different colors and textures to create different moods throughout the series."

Open Limited Editions

Signature meditative infinite loops meant to inspire and soothe...

*** Available for 15 mins only! ***


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