“A company that allows us to freely express ourselves through our passions”. This was and will always be the goal of Vúho since it was born in 2018. We are a Colombian art lab exploring the dichotomy between the digital and physical, trying to blur the line that separates the virtual and real world. Our first attempt to address this idea was through VR, producing immersive experiences that allowed social housing applicants to feel inside their new home. New opportunities emerged in 2019, one of the most renowned companies in the country asked us to produce a VR mini-game as a marketing strategy aimed at the youngsters; for 3 months in 5 different supermarkets in Bogotá anyone could play. It wasn’t until we analyzed all surveys that we realized how we produced the first VR experience of thousands of Colombians of all ages, a more than satisfying result for our first videogame development. Obstacles arose, and in 2020 we found ourselves with a 1-month time limit in order for something exceptional to happen, otherwise it would mean the end of the company. Some may call it destiny, others luck, but the universe gave us the opportunity to produce the entire art/ambient for an emerging game in the US. Instead of closing the company we began hiring digital artists and engineers, ones that are now our core team, Vúho’s most valuable asset. Destiny struck a second time in 2021, and we found ourselves collaborating with Jose Delbo, a former caricaturist of D.C., Marvel and Disney, an opportunity that finally propelled us into the visual development international market.