In the realms of the Cyber owls 1.1

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We’re all on a journey to the realms of the Cyber owls. Meet the master of the nest

This one is made by a heavy edited Mandelbrot and is one in a series of three

Andreas Lilja 2020

Additional Details:
  • 720 x 1280 px, QuickTime (2.6 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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Recent History

Collector Activity Date
Purchased for Ξ0.05000 ($11.65) 24 days ago
Placed an offer for Ξ0.05000 ($18.96) 24 days ago

Current Owners

Owner Edition Details Date
Andreas Lilja #3 Created 24 days ago View
vikram #2 Acquired for Ξ0.05000 ($11.65) 24 days ago View
Jason16 #1 Acquired for Ξ0.05000 ($11.30) 38 days ago View

Andreas Lilja's Recent Collectors

Collector Creation Edition Acquired for
The Manufacturer 1 of 1 Ξ3.55 ($1,404.23)
The Hillside 1 of 1 Ξ0.5 ($197.78)
The Saviour 1 of 1 Ξ3.7 ($1,463.57)
The River 1 of 1 $75.00
So... its not you then, Mr Satoshi? 3 of 5 $29.06
No.3 On the banks of Withywindle River 1 of 1 $100.00
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