CHAOS #116 - #120

Urs Fischer, born in Switzerland and based in New York City, is widely regarded as one of the leading forces of the contemporary art movement today. His work, which includes sculpture, photography, and large-scale installations, acts as a “’collision’ of things,” carefully orchestrating a delicate, often humor-infused, dance between everyday objects and their relationships to human existence throughout history.

Urs Fischer has a knack for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. His playful oeuvre is characterized by a lighthearted yet critical look at the world around us. A Duchampion take on representationalism, Fischer’s artwork explores manufactured materials and their impact. It is disruptive at its core, combining forces, compounding flow, and creating dialogue amongst his subject matter and audience.

Fischer has been creating in various forms since he was a teenager. He recalls the moment he fell in love with art in a London museum, where he made the realization that artwork was one of the only things in the world which allows each individual that interacts with it to take something away while remaining completely unaltered. He’s been experimenting with different mediums and art forms his entire life, with emerging technology playing a central role in his ever-evolving creative process.

Fischer has been exhibited extensively across the globe, with leading galleries, including Gagosian; Sadie Coles HQ, London; Massimo de Carlo, Milan; The Modern Institute, Glasgow; Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin and Jeffrey Deitch, New York, and Los Angeles. Solo exhibitions at major museums include Palazzo Grassi, Venice; Kunsthalle Vienna; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Garage Museum, Moscow; Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles; Legion of Honor, San Francisco; Aïshti Foundation, Beirut. Fischer has public installations and works in major private collections around the world. Fischer’s playful Untitled (Lamp/Bear) sculpture has become a landmark outright at Hamad International Airport, Doha.

His artworks have been sold at auction for millions at renowned auction houses such as Christie’s. Learn More



CHAOS is a series consisting of 1000 objects, paired together to form 500 creations, each one its own visual conversation. These works are composed of arbitrary representations of cultural artifacts, historical symbolism, anecdotes, and phenomenons – each with a unique story to tell. An exploration of human nature, and our need for a variety of tools, the artworks are centered around manufactured objects and the roles they’ve played throughout our cultural history

These artworks highlight the interplay between objects and their deeper meanings to human beings – some obvious, some humorous, and some painstakingly contemplative. In CHAOS, Urs Fischer deep dives into these themes, exploring the various stories these objects have to tell, reshaping our perception of our world and role within it in the process. Like the artworks in CHAOS, these artworks highlight the depth of human desire, stories, and needs.

Despite an abundance of stupefying creations to dive into within the CHAOS series, one of the most significant collisions that CHAOS represents is that which has been ignited between a number of diverse art communities, emerging spaces, and established institutions: A big bang moment that harmoniously embraces NFTs as the future of experiential art.

The CHAOS series has garnered attention and support from all corners of the art world, connecting renowned gallery spaces like Pace Gallery and Gagosian, innovative auction app Fair Warning, the brainchild of former Christie’s co-chairman/industry legend Loic Gouzer and MakersPlace, the premiere NFT platform and one of the space’s earliest enablers, under Fischer’s vision of evolving art and objects.


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