Digital Graphic Designer based in Italy and Uk ,specialized in creating 3d design for large media companies.Raised with a passion for digital art,and digital 3d design.15 Yrs of professional experience working in the graphic design branches of Branding and Digital Design.
My main influences are inspired by representing natural or urban scenarios while also winking at cyberpunk, vaporwave Synt and retrowave ,experimenting experimenting and experimenting again this is what I like to do.
Most of my works are characterized by the strong color tones and the Cartoon style as i am passionate about the "Rotoscope Technique" "Cell Shading" and 3d animation.You will immediately recognize one of my works with a strong contrast of colors.
Why Nft?
They are simply the future, the way to keep traces of oneself and one's works forever in the wonderful technology of the Blockchain.