As a child I was obsessed with drawing, so my mother always made sure that I had paper to draw and express myself, embracing being original or different. One day my neighbors gave me a skateboard which completely changed my life.

Guccighost is something I have been working on since 2013, long before Gucci had ever discovered me. Guccighost started as an art manifestation project. I was reinterpreting things that were discarded in the street or viewed as valueless by reimagining them & giving them them new life by painting on them, transforming something trash into treasure and eventually I transformed my entire environment

The genesis of Guccighost was when I returned from Manila where I was DJ’ing a party and had bought some bootleg Gucci fabric at a market. The next day was Halloween and I didn’t have a costume so I cut eye holes in the sheet of fabric and went out into NYC as "Guccighost."

Now my works are exhibited at galleries around the world: Deitch Projects & Milk Gallery in NYC, V&A Musuem of London, Shanghai's Museum of Modern Art, and Parco in Osaka. Life is Gucci.