When I started primary school, my mom often asked me after school "why don't you go outside?" I generally refused that offer for the sake of drawing lines and writing the alphabet with precise line quality. I vividly remember that memory and pleasure which gives me. I loved playing with sand to make aesthetic bridges, straight roads and houses. I can easily tap into a flow state then time flies. Then, My father bought me a computer when I was eight years old. I was so lucky to have one and full of wonder how it works.
When I was Eleven years old, I started to work my first paid job as a Junior IT in the hospital for the duration of summertime. I was installing operating systems, software and dealing with hardware problems. My manager encourages me to disassemble units in front of everyone. Generally, they refused me to do it. My manager insists on giving me responsibility. He was a wise teacher, I became more resilient about my self-esteem with the help of him.

When I was in High school, I was learning 3d software called alias Maya. I was watching modelling tutorials when I got home and trying to figure out what that programme was. I was also drawing. Day by day, My drawing started to become my second weapon to materialize my thought processes on paper.
I enjoyed my university years that I discovered my self broadly. Reading, learning and doing experiments with different approaches like traditional animations, 3d renderings, coding, making videos, taking photography, lots of various disciplines. After graduation, I worked on motion design projects and had a chance to direct a commercial project for a client then, my freelance career started.
In my spare times, I continued experimenting and doing more research and development to create art pieces with a combination of various disciplines like 3d illustrations, animations, generative art, graphic design. I love to make people perceive things from a different perspective. Sharing or changing the perspective about our perception can create big opportunities for connection, comprehension, compassion and love.