Timothy Mercenary is the multi-disciplinary playground of Timothy Wagenar. As a Dutch designer I love to set design in motion and experiment with a wide range of techniques like 2D and 3D Animation, Traditional Media, CGI, Set Design and all the stuff in-between.
Mixing analogue with digital and melting all these together into unique and contrasting pieces of work. Creating both the image and sound, I bring stories and creative ideas to life with happiness and fun or just for plain beauty.

I love the idea of the crypto art community and would love to see it grow and mature. I’d like to contribute to that.

As a designer you’re a human centered problem solver that impacts on perception and experiences by using color, form and motion. It's about shape and function.
But a designers hart has a predilection for the beauty that’s instilled in the most simplest form or texture and it’s tiniest detail. Yearning to explore those things without the need for function is where a designers artistry comes in. That’s why I call my artwork “Off-Base activities".

Off-Base activities are explorations in color shape and form with motion and sound. Experimentation with digital and traditional media. Combining techniques or principles from both worlds, creating something new.
The thing that fascinates me there is playing around with the notion of perception of the physical world in the digital realm.
It’s about learning, discovery and experimentation. Getting new insights, broadening the horizon or finding a new perspective. Gaining knowledge, fuel creativity and driving yourself crazy.