Tim Conlon is a painter best known for his large-scale paintings, murals and sculptures which depict weathered freight trains adorned with graffiti in photorealistic pieces. His work has been featured in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the "BEYOND THE STREETS" exhibits in both Los Angeles and New York. He has also been featured in numerous exhibitions and art fairs around the globe.

Conlon's detailed studies of G scale model trains are hyperrealistic, using layers and color transitions in a mixed media fashion to re-create the rust, dents, and scratches. A "rail archeologist" who has spent more than 25 years walking train lines and documenting freight trains found across North America, Conlon’s art catalogs the lost logos of railroad companies that have been discontinued due to train fleet consolidation, time, and decay. With the increase of intermodal transport, these boxcars inch closer to extinction as shipping containers take their place.