Tiago Marinho, aka tiagommarinho, is a 3D artist and creative director from Lisbon, Portugal, who is passionate about creating eye-pleasing and aesthetic appealing artworks. Neon lights, reflective and smoke. These are the elements the artist likes to explore the most.

As a way to escape reality, the artist decided to try Cinema 4D a couple years ago and that has not changed since. In Cinema 4D and Octane he found his modus operandi.

Before the artist got into the 3D world, Tiago studied Communication Design. What, at first, was a dream come true, it rapidly turned into frustration. His most important values when creating art, such as intuition and freedom, were left behind until he recovered his love for art and creation, when he first opened a 3D software.

Being a freelancer for the past 3 years, Tiago has had the opportunity to work with major brands and labels such as Warner Music, Sony Music or Bentley.