I was never quite sure of what made me decide to become an artist. Perhaps it was on account of that subject being my best at school. But a life changing event occurred in the year 1990 and it left its mark on me.
I had been working in Hollywood; on a video that was to become the most successful I have ever made. Laden with cash when the project completed I hired the sexiest sports car I could find and went off to explore the South West corner of the United States. I did all the usual things. I passed Rosa’s Cantina in El Paso, I saw the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Route 66. You know- the usual tourist stuff. Eventually I found myself in Death Valley. It had been a hot day and I was pleased, as the Sun was setting, to arrive at the Death Valley Dude Ranch; a motel; and rather well appointed.
I took a shower and as it wasn’t too late I found myself in the bar. Now- I don’t drink whisky as a rule but this was a special occasion so I purchased what the Americans call ‘a shot’ and sat down in a corner to while away the time.
Two Americans on an adjoining table introduced themselves. We talked about this and that; where we’d been and where we were going. They asked me what I did. “Well”, I said. “I make videos for musicians”. I described, simply, the methods I used and they seemed impressed. They told me that my work was a beacon. That it had a far-reaching effect beyond the confines of our planet. “When the Men in Flying Saucers see your work they will be guided to you and transport you to a world beyond imagination”.
I was stunned. That was it. Everything was clear. From that point on I knew who I was and what my mission entailed. I am to describe Time and Space as experienced in the world these beings inhabit. When I drop my NFTs they will go wild. I will look out for them in the night sky.
To all of you, my good friends and family, I bid you well. I cannot be certain how long I will remain amongst you.