I have had two full careers before becoming a designer (Navy Engineer and IT professional) and a ton of odd side endeavors and I like to think that all of those experiences help to inform how I make designs. To me it's troubleshooting, it's a problem to solve. I look at the world around me and everything I see gets filed away into pieces of a future thing. It doesn't feel right to not make things.

My current run of regular designs started with a 100 day challenge in April of 2017. I decided to see how I could use Adobe Illustrator to create OpArt inspired designs. When I hit the end of the 100 days, I kept making but changed it up to being a monthly theme to work from, which made it easier to find ways to use the techniques. I went until June of 2018 doing daily pieces (444 days in a row) and have since done another 100 days and a few weekly designs.