A graduate of the University of Oregon, Portland-based Jesse Johnson has quickly established himself as one of the most captivating up-and-coming multi-disciplinary graphic artists.

Jesse’s work ethic has helped drive the success of his brand, The Dope Art, which has been growing at a phenomenal rate; after just 18 months it has become a global platform, selling artworks in over 14 countries. Its success in attracting patrons eager to view and share his artwork has also led to developing a solid and faithful social media following.

Through ‘The Dope Art,’ Jesse brings his passion for bringing Pop and Entrepreneurial Surrealism to life with breath-taking high-quality prints. Over the past few years, he has been sharing a unique blend of darker symbolism-heavy images and vibrant creations, inspiring artists, and collectors alike.

These dark, bold, and eye-catching artworks are designed to help encourage and motivate those in pursuit of success and wealth. Counteracting the masculine tone in his darker artworks, Jesse adds a perfect sense of balance with his cosmic and bright outer-worldly artworks, which take a whimsical approach to surrealism.

Jesse is an incredibly passionate artist who understands the incredible investment opportunities that the digital art world provides. Striving to deliver the most innovative and captivating artwork, Jesse is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible. His friendly approach ensures he stands out from other artists, building friendships and connections wherever he goes.

Always eager to hear from interested buyers and artists, get in touch with Jesse and The Dope Art today to find out more.