The Crystal Method f/Koda and VAAAL with Micah Monkey

Watch Me Now

The Crystal Method - Originally formed in Las Vegas in the early nineties by co-founders Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan (now retired), The Crystal Method is one of the most successful American electronic acts. Pioneers of the big beat genre and innovators of the ‘90s electronica movement, The Crystal Method has remained at the forefront of the worldwide dance music industry for more than two decades.

The Crystal Method celebrates a 25+-year career in the music scene, which has resulted in an extensive discography that includes: the platinum-selling Vegas (1997), the band’s debut studio album and one of the top-selling albums worldwide by an American electronic artist ever; Tweekend (2001); Legion of Boom (2004) and Divided by Night (2009), both of which received GRAMMY nominations in the Best Electronic/Dance Album category; and The Crystal Method (2014). The Trip Home--released in 2018--served as the sixth full-length The Crystal Method album and Kirkland’s first as a newfound solo act. Its follow-up The Trip Out will be released April 15, 2022. Learn More



"Watch Me Now" animated music video is a stylish love letter to Scott Kirkland’s native state of Nevada. Conceived and directed by Micah Chambers-Goldberg, it’s about a woman, dropped into the harsh Mojave desert in rags by two sinister men-in-black figures piloting a flying saucer. They torment her until she calls upon her crystal ship and takes her rightful seat as an other-worldly queen. She wreaks vengeance on Area 51 before rocketing off, along with The Crystal Method’s tour bus to a crystalline Las Vegas. It's a story about determination and overcoming adversity. The play of black and white vs. vivid color, and 2D vs 3D animation creates a truly unique visual experience.

Airdrop Bonuses, VIP Concert Tickets, Hotel and Dinner with the Band

Collectors of Watch Me Now "Remix" will receive 2 VIP tickets and a meet-and-greet to any one show in The Crystal Method tour. Collectors will also receive an autographed edition of The Trip Out vinyl upon release in October 2022. Travel expenses for trip NOT included; headline shows ONLY. Festival shows are not included.

In addition to the above benefits, the winner of the auction for Watch Me Now Official Music Video will also be comped a hotel room near the qualifying concert location of their choice and is invited to dinner with The Crystal Method.

Open Limited Editions

Purchase any 3 Open Editions and receive I Believe as an airdropped bonus artwork.

Purchase any 5 Open Editions and receive both I Believe and Shower as airdropped bonus artwork. Collectors will also receive an autographed edition of The Trip Out vinyl upon release in October 2022.

Minting available for 48 hours only. Artwork purchased through Open Editions will be delivered before Monday, May 2. This is an NFT sale only. No commercial rights are included.


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