The Antiquity Project (TAP) is a collection of Musical Art ™ by NFT Artist Mike-Charles. TAP soundtracks the trials and triumphs of its protagonist, MC. MC is a recording artist who, while following his dreams of making it in the music industry, suddenly finds himself in a war over his family's inheritance.

TAP features Private Art Exhibitions, Virtual and IRL (In Real Life) "Permissioned Parties," with Instant Access for TAP Citizens. POAP-NFTs are distributed to validated guests, patrons and citizens.

**70% of all profits are allocated to help teach financial literacy to underprivileged youth seeking careers in Arts & Entertainment.

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Mike-Charles is a musical artist who's work primarily focuses on non-fiction themes interconnecting faith, family and finance. His journalistic photography approach captures the most realistic experiences and moments, allowing collectors to deeply connect with his creations. Mike-Charles is well collected by art enthusiasts and music lovers worldwide.

Playing the character "MC," Mike-Charles creates art inspired by staycations in his own hometown to vacations in the most exotic nations. The musical and visual artworks contributed on TAP combine with complete multimedia experiences, as stories unfold in dramatic and visually provocative fashion.

Mike-Charles' passion transcends arts and into business, which has trained him to be shrewd and savvy. The story of his heritage and genealogy is what drives Mike-Charles to share his prolific journeys through music, art and film.