"British artist Terry Flaxton (b. 1953) has exhibited internationally since 1978. in 1971 he encountered sound, oil, etching, photography & film on entering Wimbledon College of Art – then video where he received a BA in communication design at the University of East London in 1979. His work has been exhibited at over 200 festivals, museums and galleries and he has won prizes at Locarno, Montbeliard, Amsterdam and Algiers. He has had retrospectives at diverse locations such as Moscow, Algiers, Dublin, Rome, Ljubljana and Mill Valley. His works are held in collections including Lux London, Video les Beaux Jours, Strasbourg, Filmmakers Cooperative NY and AICE Milan. 4 Recent exhibitions in New York Cathedral attracted over 1 million visitors each. His 2008 work "In Re Ansel Adams" is in the permanent collections of the Harris Museum in Preston and the RWA Bristol where he is a lifetime academician, an honour accorded to only 160 living academicians. He became a lifetime Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 2020". A critics opinion: "He has has been an impassioned, indefatigable presence for some long time, during which he has assembled an impressive body of work of a variety of different styles. What unites these separate strands is a strongly held belief in the medium's ability to change our image of the world. In Flaxton's eyes, a faith in moving image's transforming potential burns undiminished. More to the point, in Flaxton's hands, much of the medium's radical promise goes a long way towards being fulfilled". So there you go. I have sold out various drops on makersplace since 2020. During my career as a moving image artist, I've tried to retain passon for making my work - the latest piece on makersplace is Prehistoric set 15000 years in the past and it'll be followed by Metamorphs in 8 days time set 15000 years in the future. It's part of a set of Drops by ArtNovo a collective of well-known artists I'm working with who've are working with eachother to try stretch the moving image form. Connections to Artnovo Artists: Natasa Presenc Stearns: https://makersplace.com/natasaprosencstearns/ Theo Eshetu https://makersplace.com/theoeshetu/ John Sanborn https://makersplace.com/sanborn707/ https://makersplace.com/robertcahen/ Guli Silberstein https://makersplace.com/gulisilb/ Irit Batsry https://makersplace.com/iritbatsry/