Hi there, thanks for stopping by !

I'm Thibault, 37 years-old self-taught motion artist.

As far as I remember, I've always been obsessed with colors and shapes and how this two things can produce magic when they melt harmoniously together.

My first steps as an artist were made in graffiti art when I was a teenager. I fell in love with colorful painted gradients and perfect curves. I tried to digitalise some of my pieces with photoshop which led me to start my graphic design career.

As I land my first job in a TV sport channel, I was doing some video editing too, and really enjoyed it.
It's only when I saw some killing TV show's title that I realized motion graphics world was truly the thing I wanted to do.

Since then, I never stop learning new tools on my own and improving my skills which is deeply fullfill me.

For the last two years, I started to create some 3D art threw my instagram account, and I truly love doing it !