I'm a very chill person that has an adventurous life and amazing friends for which I'm extremely grateful. I work really hard but I'm poor, I don't stress about it as I have big dedicated support from people that respect my work.
In between freelanceing as a CGI modeler and album artist I like keeping up with the music community and writing a space saga.
Curiosity brought me here. I enojoy the concept of tokenized digital pieces because it reminds me of collecting holographic pokemon cards.
I hope getting into cryptoart helps me to get out of freelance so I can work full time on my graphic novel.

Character designer artist
digital art & traditional media

alias @flufflord

Born March 4th, 1990. from Dubrovnik, Croatia.
BA and MA in Animation at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb.
Based in Berlin.

In Zagreb, she worked with Adriatic Animation directing TED-ED films, for Animafest as a program selector and festival visual designer. With Format C, House of Flamingo, and Živa Muzika she supported underground LGBTQ music and art organizations.

With her sister Marta @pirate_sheep, she founded the SwS collective, e working exclusively with international electronic music artists and festivals as VJs and visual artists.

In 2017. Flufflord partnered with musician @baojiaxiang as an AV duo, starting in Los Angeles, CA then later in Berlin where they currently reside. They played on renowned festivals: Sonic Acts, Creepy Teepee, Supynes, Ekstravagantna Tijela ...

In Berlin, she curates and makes 3D characters at Trauma Bar und Kino and collaborates with Creamcake & Good Intentions.

Her work was published by Heavy Metal (US), TEDed, FeltZine, VICE, ArtSlant, FuckingYoung, Adult Swim, Tzvetnik, Art Viewer, Ello, AQNB, oFluxo, The Wire.