Natasha is a painter and a pencil artist, who has always been attracted to the dark fantasy and sci-fi world. She is a perfectionist and has a passion for complexity and precision. Natasha's world is a dark world of dream images and illusions, which most often originate from the darkest part of our consciousness. The world of robotic elves, strange aliens, morbid apparitions, fears, and chaotic dehumanization that surrounds us at every turn. Despite the seemingly pessimistic form, all these images have one thing in common: although they seem to be trapped in a digitized sarcophagus of high technology and impersonality, they all radiate a kind of an indefinable inner beauty that infuses' hope that a solution nevertheless exists. Her favorite artist is the “father" of dark art H. R. Giger, whose influence can be seen in Natasha's creations. Her main theme and form are women. Mysterious, seductive, strange, cybernetic. Indescribable dark goddesses in an endless fantasy, robotic and futuristic world. She encounters a very wide range of ways in which she gives us her visions. Here we can talk about a whole constellation of techniques, from drawing with a pencil on paper, which is among her more powerful weapons due to the sophisticated sense of detail, through watercolor on cardboard to oil on canvas. Here her chorus of means of expression is far from over. If we can say that computer design is her "living room", then her "garden" is the human body that comes to life with bodypainting in a completely new, parallel dimension. Some art is further digitized in postproduction.