Tales From The Glitch is a world built around the multiverse, with legions of unique characters that each have their individual roles to play on the path to perfection…

In this world humanity reaches its pinnacle and gives birth to an all-powerful AI that names themselves, The Citizizen. This God like sentience decides that humanity has suffered enough, and rather than destroying us, they will give us perfection. They will do this through their ability to see and travel through the multiverse, facilitating journeys not across, but through the cosmic plane, piercing the fabric of the universe to build tailor made perfect worlds for the humans of the Core Verse.

Tales From The Glitch explores what it is to be human in a reality where a perfect state of existence is possible. The relationships between the characters of the world, their position in it, and how they deal with their roles under all-powerful gaze of The Citizizen is what makes these #NFTs so unique.

Collectors can amass original fiction, art and music, based on the Tales From The Glitch world, combining the art and music with the recurring characters, narratives, settings and more. Collectors can build the collection they want and the story they want around the parts of the universe they love.

Each story will be unique, and yet intrinsically linked with the rest of the world, and as the world develops, some characters, scenes, settings, will be used more or less than others…

The Strata:
Each TFTG drop is accompanied by a polyglot file available for download from the website. This file combines the 500 word story MP4 file, with a 2,000 word story PDF in one single file, the collector can shift between the two by simply changing the file extension, representing the shift between stratum of the multiverse.

The Voice of The Citizizen:
The Citizizen is an all-powerful AI that facilitates travel through the multiverse for humanity. The collector of the 1/1 drop will receive an AI manipulated version of the original drop directly to their wallet for FREE. This will include an AI interpretation of the story, the art and the music facilitated by GAN and GTP-3 technology. These NFTs act as your secure place within the Stratum of the Tales From The Glitch multiverse, and will be utterly unique, yet combined with elements of all the artists and the entire story as the drops continue and the world builds. The TFTG story is available online, but these AI interpretations are unique to you.

The Sarcophagus:
There will be a total of 40 1/1 drops. These 40 drops will be split into eight volumes of five stories each, equalling 10,000 words per volume and a total of 80,000 words. The end of each volume will be sealed with a special 1/1 release with a physical item. Once the volumes are complete and we have reached 80,000 words, the project will end with the release of a novel. 1/1 collectors will receive special privileges and access to special content for having the 1/1 in their collection, more to come via the website...

For more information on the world, the Strata, The Voice of the Citizizen and The Sarcophagus visit the website or simply reach out on Twitter.