Hello, I am Interdisciplinary & crypto artist, choreographer & performer. My art focuses on subjects of privacy, surveillance and digital culture.
In 2017 I discovered and was fascinated by the crypto space because of its ideas of decentralization and freedom and it’s qualities of open, borderless, permission-less system. A system created by the people, 4 the people.

I come from a tiny island on this place we call “earth” always struggling with the rules of society and the rules of the traditional art-space; always trying to define to them what discipline I belong in, as if I had to belong to just one… As an artist I work within the mediums movement, video and installation, photography, performance and staging images. I express myself through any or a combination of these mediums depending on the needs of each project.
I am fascinated by the crypto space, not because of its potential in value but because of its ideas for new applications, decentralization and gaining freedom from dysfunctional and corrupt governments, rulers who decide how to use, surveil and control us. The crypto-space and digital culture have been the themes and research in my creative works since 2017 and it seems that it will continue to be for many years to come. It has been extremely hard to create and present such works especially by using the body and movement to speak to my audience. How could I explain such complex ideas such as the crypto space, bitcoin, algorithms and the importance of digital art to people with minimal or no knowledge of such issues; without loosing them or them laughing at me? This has been my struggle and question in the past 4 years.
In the current world we've got this global internet, and fresh new ideas by young minds with new skills and new solutions. The future belongs to us not to the older generations who failed by their greed and messed up our future. The 21st century needs a 21st century system that is open, borderless, neutral, censorship resistant, immutable, and permission-less; that serves the needs of every person in this planet, no matter where they are, no matter who they are, anytime, anywhere. A system created by the people, for the people. By discovering the NFT space and crypto-art, my excitement is beyond explanation. Together in this global community, in this global internet we have finally found a home.