Cintia Gonzalvez (better known as Strange Cintia), is a 2D Digital Painter-Illustrator
and also a Fashion Designer born and based in Barcelona.

Cintia’s style is recognisable for her particular way of shading and use of colour, her
style being unique and personal. She has a very wide array of interests, being pop
culture, video games, fashion, and Japanese manga and culture of the most
influence to her artworks. It’s through them that she conveys a variety of subjects
that range from representing a simple moment of beauty to telling a whole story or
just depicting a particular emotion or feeling, usually through distinctly drawn
female characters.

Featured in Imagine FX Magazine
Featured in Digital Painters 2 by RAGE
Illustrated book covers for several novels
Comic book artist for American online publisher
Character designer in the videogame industry
Fashion designer and brand owner- 'Strange Coutre' selling internationally including
DollsKill and ASOS Marketplace.

Due to serious health reasons, Cintia had to step away from this glowing career, and
now after 2 years out of the spotlight has had to adapt to a new way of creating
and one of determination and strength, one which will one day allow her to afford
the surgery she needs. Until then she is here to make a stunning comeback!