I am Argentine, I live in Buenos Aires, I come from a family where art and culture were always present.
My profession is a free-lance graphic designer for different organizations, publishers and private clients.
I studied 3rd drawing. Level in the workshop of Professor Nora Mugaburu in 1992.
I exhibited in some collective rooms:
—VII Small Format Room, National Museum of Fine Arts of Luján. (1992)
—I LYS Salon de Arte Joven'93 in the House of San Luis, Buenos Aires. (1993)
—VIII Salon Actualidad en el Arte M.E.E.B.A. (1993)
In 2016, I joined the Dada Speak Visualy community where I made 1800 drawings in different conversations with other artists.
I am a proud and happy grandmother of 3 grandchildren.
In June 2019 I met the MakersPlace community that opened its doors to new possibilities and new creative horizons through the blockchain.
I think that the future and the evolution of art are here and now.