“William Wolfgang Wunderbar is an internet art enigma. No one knows this artist’s gender, nationality or even if they are one person or multiple people working under the same name. What is known is that they could well be the most prolific artist on the internet. Wunderbar produces a constant stream of work, uploading it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. When the work is seen as a whole it begins to feel like they are trying to distill the entirety of the internet and social media into a single, massive, ever-expanding piece of art. (...)”

– Artslant Magazine

Digital artist William Wolfgang Wunderbar aka wiwowu "saw the (electrical) light" in 2016 and since then collaborates with several internetional artist-collectives and has been exhibited in numerous events all over the globe.

William Wolfgang's official GIF-art-channel on GIPHY.com/williamwolfgangwunderbar has a monthly average of 4.6 million views, totaling over 319 million views.

Wunderbar defines the style of art-making as "joyfully mutating curiosity" and produces a wide variety of digital artwork series and narratives. From gif’s, optical illusions, curating artist collectives to co-creative remix projects. Fascinated by analyzing societal patterns, distorting them and creating new ones. Loving every step of the ever-evolving process.