While working on hit records as a music executive/producer has played a driving force in his career, it’s Vakseen’s (born Otha Davis III) passion for the arts that has served as his key to sanity in the fast-paced entertainment business. The self-taught, museum- exhibited Floridian has developed a distinct collage-influenced painting style (Vanity Pop) that fuses elements of cubism, photorealism, fashion and beauty into vibrantly alluring, abstract portraits. While most viewers assume they’re viewing collage or mixed media art, each #VakseenArt creation is in fact meticulously hand-painted directly on the canvas. Drawing distinct inspiration from our fascination with popular culture, his gallant paintings are a celebration of women, beauty, duality, insecurity and self-preservation. Currently based in Los Angeles, his paintings have been featured by Adidas, Vans, Playboy, Complex, Buzzfeed, Juxtapoz Magazine and Hi-Fructose, amongst others. In addition to being sold to collectors and art enthusiasts, his art has been shown in museums, countless gallery exhibitions and featured in over 100 magazines worldwide. To view #Vakseenart visit VakseenArt.com