"You develop by seeing the beauty in the negatives" - Ruben Juriën Cress

Ruben Juriën Cress is a Dutch visual artist and photographer. His work is influenced by the world around him. Born in 1988, he finally found his passion and love for photography 18 Summers later. He dedicated over 10 years of his life to the fine arts of photography and visual creation. During the course of experimenting, failure and seeing success, he developed a unique style that allows his fans to easily recognize his work.

He believes that everything can be seen within the perspective of one's own, adding to it that value and beliefs determine the story to be told. It's the art that makes it so precious.

*** 1 out of 1 Limited Edition ***
All Limited Editions (1 out of 1) that are published will immediately be deleted afterward on all hard-drives. This means that there will only be one true artwork available on the Blockchain and one true owner globally.