"Where does Pieter stand out as an artist?" As a newcomer to the scene, I usually answered this question by handing over my portfolio. "Show, do not tell", I once saw on the back of a beer mat. The portfolio was filled with my most successful projects. From company logos with their own typography, to bizarre surrealistic creations.

I only realized after a trip through India, that a pile of slick designs, does not guarantee a satisfied buyer.

A portfolio is a good first acquaintance for assessing the style and skills of a designer. But the result of a personal / commercial design is always unique and not yet known in advance. This requires a trust that you can only give when this acquaintance is mutual.

Because of my innate curiosity and interest in people, this has always been a matter of course for me. Questions like "What do you want to achieve with your design?" "Who do you speak to" "What appeals to you?" Are more important to me than "What do you want me to do for you?". In this way, I do not execute an assignment by applying learned tricks; but I translate your wishes, ideas, and needs, into a graphical solution that exceeds your expectations. That is my strength.

-- Pieter Vonk