OKKULT Motion Pictures is the brainchild of Alessandro Scali and Marco Calabrese, a digital artist duo from Turin, Italy, focused on GIF Art.
Since 2012, OKKULT duo creates their own GIFs experimenting various techniques such as stereoscopic GIFs, cinemagraphs, ASCII GIFs, talking GIFs etc. to show all the potentialities of the GIF as a true and original work of art, at the same level of a painting or a sculpture.
OKKULT artist duo is also the creator of The Giphoscope, the world first Analog GIF Player.

1840s GIF Party | TATE Modern, London, UK | 7 february 2014
Stop and Go, The Art of Animated GIFs | Rome, Italy | 5 april - 22 july 2016
12th Athens Digital Art Festival - Digital POP | Athens, Greece | 19 - 22 may 2016
BOCCIONI+100 | Cosenza National Gallery, Italy | 3 -19 february 2017
Polisgraphics | MIAAO, Turin, Italy | 11 - 31 october 2017
Stop and Go, The Art of Animated GIFs | Nova Goritze, Slovenia | 14 june - 19 august 2018