My life has been filled with some dark days as well as filled with joy and redemption. My art is reflective of this… I believe it holds both sadness and joy, clean and free as well as dark and scared. This reflects my “real life” well.

From a young age I was interested in photography. I have gotten decent at over the years. I enjoyed as I got older taking in art in many forms...I really wanted to be able to create like others and use it to express my thoughts and emotions.

However, I am not a musician, I can’t hold a beat to save my life. I am not a “real world” artist as I can’t paint or draw. So the opportunity to express myself in art felt quenched for many art came and to me it is something that allows me to express those feelings and emotions that I have long been unable to express.

Where the brush in hand felt foreign, the technology I use to create digitally feels like a natural extension of my hands and mind.