Go into or stay out?

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What is more powerful, the fear of rejection or the desire to connect? ... Will you go into or stay out?
¿Qué es más poderoso, el miedo al rechazo o el deseo de conectar? ... ¿Entrarás o te quedarás fuera?

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Gala Mirissa

Amazing loop!!! I love it


Qué excelente continuación María Luisa!! Me encantó!!

Luisa Espiñeira

Muchas gracias Norma!!


When we are as children the desire to connect is the more powerful. Unfortunately as we 'mature' our mind can give us all the reasons as to why we can justify our fear of rejection. Sinking into the heart, we desire to connect to all life and ultimately love is always more powerful than fear. It's a journey most of us travel.

Absolutely AMAZING work Maria Luisa. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Luisa Espiñeira

Thank you Alison!!


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