Gemstone Creeper

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#3 ‘Gemstone Creeper’
This is #3 of a series of 7 artworks called:
‘7 Abstract Contemplation's on the concept of Floating in 80 x 64 pixel’

Title: Gemstone Creeper (3/7)
File type: GIF
Image size: 640 x 512 pixel
Frames: 16 Frames
Year of creation: 2019

Additional Details:
  • 512 x 640 px, GIF (51.4 KB)
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ruth allen

I see shades of Pong in this, right down to the hues. Good times. Your gif work is always mesmerizing!!

Gert-Jan Akerboom

Thanks Ruth, i guess i make references to videogames even when i don't intend to ; )
Well and with this comment you got 2 out of 3 (of seven ; ) ill send it your way asap. Cheers gj

ruth allen

Awww!! Yay! Just the life my collection needs! I loved pong! So crazy to see it now in comparison to where we are in the world. 💙


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