Greetings Earthlings!
my name is Gert-Jan Akerboom.
I am a Dutch artist living in Berlin (Germany)

From 1990 - 2000 i studied Carpentry and Graphic Design in Holland.
In 2005 i got my BA in Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam (Holland).
In 2006 i moved to Berlin where i still live and work today.

As an Artist i have been making works in many different disciplines but my main focus has been on Drawing on paper, Digital work and carpentry based sculptures and installations.

Drawing (both Analog and Digital) has always been an important part of my life and it is the one constant in my artistic practice. My drawings act as a visual diary where conscious and unconscious thoughts about the world are transferred into imagery. Drawing is the road as well as the designation and it is where ideas, concepts and experiments in different media meet.
For me, art is fed mainly by the subconscious. Its a place where images come to be about things that cant accurately be said with language, its about listening to the universe and following the flow much more then it is about visualizing facts or concepts. Its about being absolutely free and detached from the world in order to visualize the its mysteries.

My page here on Makersplace will feature my recent (2016 until present) digital works. They will be roughly divided into 3 categories:

- Pixelart loops (Basically animated drawings within a limited number of pixels)
- Video loops (Looping video collages)
- Digital drawings (Still drawings done in for instance Photoshop or Sketchup)

Have fun browsing my makersplace page and don‘t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments about my art!