I consider photography as the art of making the invisible visible, of bringing to light what is there but not seen. For what I understand it is a matter of making the continuum discontinuous, by a frame. I am more interested in daily places than those celebrated. I believe there are no trivial places. I think it's just a banal way of looking at them. I love the light of night and morning. I like the border between the land and the sea, between the world of concreteness and reflection. Like the fishermen, I get up early, I try to get to know the places and be patient. Like hunters I try to be quick and precise.
I was born and studied in the land of Venice. I taught urban planning in Genoa and Padua. The north-east of Italy is the landscape where I work the most as photographer and town planner
Strolling during the last winter along the river Piave in the north-east of Italy, I met the primordial spaces evoked by the last floods, sometimes observing the dawn illuminate an exhausted landscape, bent by the onslaught of a geological time, which has deformed the daily cycle of poor and unassuming nature that lives on the river bed.