Photography is an escape for me. It's something I picked up over the years while pursuing filmmaking and working in the industry. Lately it's been my way to connect. Most of the time I work from home, rendering VFX shots and animations full time. It's fulfilling work, but without anyone else around it can get cramped and lonely. But since getting deeper into photography over the years, I've found an escape. I get to connect with talented individuals around Southern California and Texas when I shoot them. Our shoots take me to streets I've never walked and breathtaking landscapes I've only seen from a distance or computer screen. I've rekindled old friendships from college thanks to these shoots. I've learned more about casual friends in one afternoon of photography than the previous 3 or 4 years of acquaintance all together. And I've gotten to capture my friends' and models' raw beauty in these snapshots. Working with my DSLR has helped me to keep my eye sharp and ground me to my roots and dreams of directing live action feature films. It's directing in its purest, most concentrated form. Instead of doing it 24 frames per second with a huge crew and cast of actors, I get to hone my skill in an intimate setting, dialing in on that one emotion, with one model, for that one magic still frame. This is why I love photography and why I'm so happy to share it with you here on Makers Place. Thanks for coming to my store and have fun looking around! I'd be thrilled to share my work with your collection.