Stephen Wayda

Stephen Wayda x Pamela Anderson

Stephen Wayda is an internationally published photographer best known for his demonstrative images of celebrities, women, and lifestyles. In his creation of entertaining and compelling images he is regarded as a master in the use of composition and light, both natural and artificial.

Wayda’s photographs of A-list celebrities, pop culture icons, supermodels, musicians and the "girl next door" are a depiction of personality and, most of all, attitude. He is known for his use of light and composition to create a mood of realism that captures the intimacy and openness of his subjects, bringing out those fleeting moments of their humanity and their sense of self. Learn More


When Pam Met Tommy, the Untold Story

In 1995, following a mysterious 96-hour tryst, America’s sweetheart married rock’s bad boy on the beach in front of our hotel. Behind these photos lay the real story of when Pamela Anderson met Tommy Lee, a mesmerizing mixture of unbridled passion, sexual indulgence, and free-flowing blow, ecstasy, whiskey, and $4,000 of Cristal champagne.

This is Glam Rock’s storybook romance.

These seven, one-of-a-kind photographs from the original shooting, that are in this collection depict that untold story of when Pam Met Tommy, and their whirlwind marriage 96-hours later.

Collector Bonuses - Original Photo Negatives

Collectors of Pam & Tommy Toast, Champagne, Phone Call and Room Key will be eligible to receive a physical print and a B/W photo negative.

Collector of Cowboy will be eligible to receive a physical print and a color photo transparency of the color image.

Disclaimer: You are purchasing non-commercial rights in the NFT and any physical image. All other rights, including any commercial exploitation of the images are reserved by the artist.

Open Limited Editions

Open Editions are available for 48 hours only. Open Edition artwork will be delivered within 48 hours after minting has ended.


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